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The Parker Autism Foundation

PAF Scholarships / Grants
We serve any family that wants or needs support - a family does not need to meet any "income qualifications" to be served by the Parker Autism Foundation. However, certain programs offered do have income limits in order to receive scholarship/grant monies.

The Parker Autism Foundation provides scholarship grants for *ABA Services to children with autism as well as funding for parent and therapist training.

Any child who has been diagnosed with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder whose family qualifies financially can receive an ABA Scholarship.

We offer scholarships for the children's workshop, social groups, parent training classes, and ABA supplies.

Anyone that financially qualifies and has a child who has received a diagnosis for an Autistic Spectrum Disorder is eligible. Each application will be reviewed by the scholarship committee, and eligible families will be asked to come in for an interview. (All scholarship distributions are based on availability of funds).

Scholarships may be used at our foundation or with any Parker Autism Foundation approved center, school, or therapist.


Applied Behavior Analytic (ABA) Therapy is the only empirically-validated form of intervention for young children with autism. In ABA therapy, the client's behavior is assessed through observations that focus on exactly what the client does, when the client does it, at what rate, and what happens before (antecedents) and what happens after (consequences) behavior.

Strengths and weaknesses are specified in this way. Skills that each client shows deficiencies in are broken down into small steps and taught in learnable chunks. The therapy is usually very intensive and is done on a one-to-one ratio of therapist to child. ABA focuses on observable behavior and data collection to allow for monitoring of progress and alteration of programming as needed, to ensure the best possible intervention for the targeted child.